River of the Sun

Life’s cruel sea

Can’t reach us here

Though it sends it's angry waves

Against the shore

Here the water is clear

Here the wind is calm

Here we are two castaways

Drifting along

In the river of the sun

It was seven seasons of nowhere

'Till I came to this

I was worn-out like a sundial

Married to an eclipse

You sat there

Your arms were folded

Your eyes were closed

You told me that you found out

Where the tiger lilies grow

In the river of the sun

In the river of the sun

You can’t be lost

If you’re still looking

Just close your eyes

You’re already there

In the River of the Sun

I don’t mind how this world carries on

I don’t know where all our big ideas have gone

Time will forget

Most of what we’ve done

As for all the rest

River of the Sun