The Dark Heart of Love

We were going hot and heavy

It seemed too good to be true

I hardly even knew her

Guess that was my first clue

When the S.W.A.T. Team burst in

We were sleeping peacefully

She was bound and gagged

Then they took her away from me

Away from me

I ran down to the station

To try to get her free

The desk Sargent he just shook his head

He said, You’re a lucky SOB

Welcome my son

To the Dark Heart of Love

You’ve been sleeping with a time bomb

In Jimmy Choo pumps

The Dark Heart of Love

I was feeling kinda queasy

He offered me a seat

He gave me a list of her ex’s

I started to read

One was in the East River

Two in the Hudson Bay

Another in Central Park

Buried in a shallow grave

A shallow grave

They found parts of one

Stuffed in the trunk of a Camaro

Her court appointed psychiatrist said

It’s rejection she can’t handle

3 more turned up

In the city dump

Dark Heart of Love

Dark Heart of Love

She’s a silky sulky

Twisted lover

Fond of a knife

Handy with a shovel

The prosecution likes her

For a baker’s dozen

I’ll bet more

Will be discovered

She loves old movies

She’s a great kisser

She asked me to look after her

Siamese fighting fishes

It’s crazy but

I really miss her

This Friday’s

My 1st overnight visit

Dark Heart of Love

Dark Heart of Love