Someone This Wicked Way Coming

Lord save me

Save me from myself

I believe my time it ain't long

There's hell to pay and I know it

There's hell to pay

And I'm overdrawn

There's hell to pay and I'm overdue

Lord can I get one favor from you?

That girl she spooked me

Right out of my soul

She grabbed it then she went on a running

I guess my heart just wasn't enough

She's someone this wicked way coming

She looked like desire

Wrapped up in fire

She had an itch

She needed to soothe

First we tried this and then we tried that

Lord I believe I’ve been bamboozled

She had an itch and I got Old Scratch

We were a fire waiting on a match

Now it's too hot in the kitchen

Too hot in the shade

Round and round and round her bed

It’s too hot to pray

Too hot in the parlor

Too hot on the porch

She tells me she loves bareback riding

But I still haven't found a horse

I looked around everywhere, couldn't find one

I asked her for some water

I asked her pretty please

I asked that girl for water

She gave me benzine

I wanted water

She’s something wicked

She’s come for me

She’s someone wicked

She's here for me

There's hell to pay and I'm long overdue

Lord can I get one favor from you?