Stealing Heaven

tired of the future and it’s own agenda


7 times 3

it’s only me

trees my dear

to clipped wings are a tragedy

holy up your today

she said, it’s God’s breath in you anyway

the aftertaste of that remark

a few stanch Christians

give me a minute or a couple of weeks

for the come back

if we renounce the world

enjoy some relaxation

if I'm not mistaken it's pleasent

on the Lord's day they assemble in church

I have sought my true love in constant clothing

every approach, every habit

leaves valuable ornaments

consider the depth of shame

consider what God did to us

comfort by our example -carefully

posting those seasoned pearls

I will finish a long letter with a brief ending

farewell my only love

I wept much more for the injury done to my reputation

this truthful witness

act of Paris

envy seeks the heights

the wind sweeps the summit

2nd hand translation

these were the two things I confessed

those personal letters


defend, renounce or deny

there's a time we should have had silence

there's a time to renounce your sin