The Bum Luck Trio

at the drive-through

ice-blue convertible

sipping soda and ordering fries from the ala carte menu

setting back the clock hickory dickory dock

an escaped American on a bender

smiling politicians won’t remember those days anyway

riding business class in heaven

better luck for

ramshackle rose

loving those bad choices

you could yabba-dabba-do in the grace

of amazing

tragic touch

a 100% artificial harvest

a live run across the boarder town of Bali

the hum of ecstatic humanity

doubling down ever since

that Mozart escapade

frolic though the novel page by page

line by line

an anglo saxon landscape in central Tetris

somebody sleeping out loud

during the ‘As-Is Sonata’

electronic narcissus

dancing or vibrating

on a roadmap to Vivian or Vietnam

Ocarina whispering that Octavia was right

the glory of melancholy

a gift certificate for the zany decanters on your list

I dig their latest

'Running with the Rhinos Along the Rhine'

a sublime cohesion of bonus noise and trumpets

you don’t need to be overt empress

relax your mind ’n follow our crime