a kiss beyond our control

your surprise heels could click us home

you can’t put your finger on it but don’t do it



hey country, don't go city on me

arresting lasso, trying to stay out of the way

of the wrecking ball

let it swing

let it fall

I'da settled for maybe

she said yes

dating in this city ain't for sissy's

our first night in the lunar snowstorm

signed your initials with a capital D and a V

I was freelance playing timbales in a brass band

when a losing stake turned into a gusher

said you didn't do naked but I wonder

a little rope a dope and cowgirl on Mars

I've never know the polite form in a Dodge Dart

the park ranger is loopy

there's just too much fresh air to comprehend

that's why the city is sanctuary and thankfully

far from real

the medicine man van-driver said honk if you're horny

honk if you're alive

you don't get nearly as much of this on 14th Street

this is wide open

no one rides for free

I signed my name with a capital P