darling Darlenea saturated the waves

hoping to meet some real single-coat people buzzing

there on the #3

it’s a fright of humanity in such soft size and no circumstance

better yet, typing in tandem

to gloss handpicked strangers

her sister insists and those pics

skip out across the universe

if I remember nothing else

it’s what she wrote in that old page

where we found each other’s scent

she says she isn’t like that anymore

seeking comfort in

the count

the tally

alien recognition

pitting hope and reason against haircare

and the seamless fool’s gold of approval

it’s the look of barely lingering legends

on the make

to a precision bass line

some texture that today’s style requires

shine with a radiant matte finish

to heat up the chatter

short blast with a hot flash of skin

in the glow of a unicorn’s eye